Youth counselling.

interview someone that works counselor of any kind (youth, drug, guidance, etc.)Introduction to Human Services Interview Paper Question Suggestions You are to identify a direct services provision professional in a specific area of human services you are interested in. This person can be a therapist, crisis intervention worker, social worker, case manager or counselor of any kind (youth, drug, guidance, etc.). You are not stringently restricted to these professions. You must then interview this person using the questions provided below as a guide. Please note that you do not have to ask all of the questions or even in the order that they are given to you, they are merely a guide to assist you in the interviewing process. You may have other questions that come to mind during the interview, so, please feel free to ask them as well. 1. Are you a licensed or credentialed practitioner? 2. If so, what certificates and/or licenses do you have? 3. For this profession, are these required credentials? 4. How long have you been in this field of practice? 5. Do you still enjoy what you do? 6. What inspired you to go into this profession? 7. What is the most personally satisfying part of your job and why is it so satisfying? 8. Can you give me an example of a client/patient success story in which you were a direct part of their treatment process? 9. What part of your job do you find to be the most stressful or problematic? 10. If you were in charge of the services provided under your profession, is there anything that you would change and why? 11. Did you work in any other profession before you started in the profession you have now? 12. If so what was it and what made you want to leave? What Awaits you: On-time delivery guarantee Masters and PhD-level writers Automatic plagiarism check 100% Privacy and Confidentiality High Quality custom-written papers

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