year-end Balance Sheet (the statement of financial position)

SECTION C (Weighting 30% of assignment) It can be said that the year-end Balance Sheet (the statement of financial position) and the associated annual Income Statement are separate statements presenting different and, indeed, conflicting financial pictures of the one organisation. Section C Requirement: 1. Discuss and critique the above statement. In so doing, you should refer to real world examples/companies to help illustrate any issues you choose to discuss. Any extracts from annual reports should be provided in an appendix and referred to in a coherent fashion. The appendix should NOT be used to contain explanations of concepts and conventions. Do not use footnotes for this purpose either. Only the extracts from annual reports should feature in the appendix. Ensure you reference your work appropriately. The essay should be a maximum of 2,000 words. You should state an accurate word count at the end of the essay. Any words above this maximum will be penalised in accordance with UCL Assessment Regulations: up to 10% in excess of 2,000 words will result in a 10% mark reduction; any submission in excess of 2,200 words will receive ZERO marks. [ 25 marks] For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: On-time delivery guarantee PhD-level writers Automatic plagiarism check 100% money-back guarantee 100% Privacy and Confidentiality High Quality custom-written paper

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