Written Review

Format: Essay

Task: Choose and critically review the uploaded reading

Task Description: The exercise is designed to assess your ability to interpret the materials as well as your capacity to critically evaluate the significance of the chosen piece. Review the uploaded reading and in your essay, answer the follow questions. Be sure to state a thesis.

*What, in your view, is the main issue(s) that the author wishes to raise?

*Why does the author take these as being so important?

*What are the values and the assumptions that are informing the article or chapter?

*Are its intentions adequately carried through?
What do you think about those intentions?

*Does the reading have anything important to say to us today?

Attempt to respond only to so many of these kinds of questions as you judge necessary to display your grasp of the main themes and issues thrown up by the chosen reading.
As you write the review, remember that having an opinion is a necessary but not sufficient condition to having an argument. Don’t simply offer your views. Argue them through, establishing the grounds upon which your assessment might be taken to be a plausible and persuasive interpretation of the issue at hand.

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