Written Report

Field of study;Community service work
Assessment;Written Report
Read the case study and answer the question below
You are the coordinator of a woman’s Refuge and are responsible for managing a group of case workers.A report has been requested by your management committee as they have received a complaint from a client that one of the case workers you are responsible for has made a report to the Department of Community Services (DoCS).The client claims that the worker breached confidentiality and had insufficient envidence to report them to DoCS.

You are aware of this case and have had ongoing supervision and discussions with the case worker.You have seen the case notes and have supported the case worker in making the notification.

In the Report you must cover the following QUESTIONS below:

The legislation relevant to the case.
The policies and protocols of the organisation.
An outline of any support or guidance you have given to the worker.
The rights and responsibilities of all the parties involved.
An outline of further action you plan to take.

The Learner demonstrates skills and knowledge and is able to consistently,effectively and independently meet the performance criteria specific to the unit.
This can be done demonstrated in an extensive range of situations with creativity.

The Learner researches and applies new information and is able to synthesise information and adapt it to situations.

The learner can clearly analyse information using high level reflective skills that link to research and theory.

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