Write an essay that examines attitudes to mental health with particular reference to the needs and experiances of a specific group. My Chosen Group: SOUTH ASIAN WOMEN.

Marks will be awarded for:-

A) Presentation of social, cultural and historical views of mental health issues related to your chosen group- 35 MARKS.
(Here could you please bring the influences of social, cultural and historical influences to mental health within South Asian women. And could you talk about 2 or 3 main issues of mental health related to my chosen group such as self harm etc).

B) Discussion of the impact of the above on the provision of appropriate services for your group (where possible you are expected to draw upon the views of the chosen group)- 45 MARKS.
(Here could you mention about services for people and how they access services and how they don’t, how it helps them and how it doesn’t. bring in literature on users perspective on mental health. Barriers, key points, support for them, primary care services etc).

C) Your personal and professional interest in choosing this topic- 10 MARKS.

D) Presentation, style and structure of essay- 10 MARKS.


Reading List and other related lecture notes will be provided. Please could you use most of the books from the reading list. And related journals and websites for this topic.

Thank you

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