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An annotated bibliography in APA style. This project requires ten credible sources listed in alphabetical order with hanging indentions per APA style. Directions Each student will compile an annotated bibliography/References of ten sources (primary and secondary) that relate to their proposed research topic. The bibliography is due to the appropriate assignment section listed on Ecollege. Requirements The bibliography/references must contain ten sources, with five of these sources accompanied by a 150 word annotation. Citation of reference information for each source must follow Chapter 41 APA format in Research and Writing. Sources must consist of a mix of books, essays in compiled works, and articles in scholarly journals. Popular magazines (e.g. Newsweek, Time, Cosmopolitan, and Reader’s Digest) are not acceptable sources, nor are book reviews, except for lengthy, comparative reviews of more than one source. Your annotations must contain complete sentences, correct grammar, and proper word usage. Do not use incomplete sentences or sentence fragments in your annotations. Annotation Format Each complete annotation consists of the bibliographic information of the source read, and the annotation proper. Double space between the bibliographic entry and the annotation; and double space the text of the annotation. Bibliographic/Reference format of the source read follows the format set forth by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Manual) 5th Ed, or Chapter 18 of Research and Writing. Content of Annotation Each annotation must provide the following: a brief summary of the contents of the source consulted; a statement of the source’s thesis; commentary on whether or not the author proved their thesis; commentary on the quality of documentation used in the book or article; and a statement on the author’s writing style and ability. You can add a personal statement on how well the written piece held your interest or on any other pertinent aspect of the work. This is the subject of my future research paper, and I need the working bibliography on this subject for this assignment: In my paper, I will examine the American metropolitan transportation system and its dire need of improvement, especially in terms of reducing air pollution. Secondly, it will discuss how the massive use of fossil fuels derived from oil is becoming prohibitively expensive, but that the gravest consequence is the constant emission of poisons into the atmosphere from vehicle exhausts. Lastly my paper will point out that this problem has become especially acute over the last thirty years and needs to be resolved through the use of alternative fuels.

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