Workforce planning

Length: 1500 words, double spaced
This assessment item allows students to show an understanding of the relationship between
workforce planning theory and its practical implementation, such as the desired and actual
connection of HR strategies to business strategies, and how economic and product market change
can influence workforce planning.
Human Capital, the people in an organisation, are often called our most valuable asset ; so how do
we consider people in relation to the other assets we as managers are required to maintain and
sustain? Most organisations have a strategic Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Financial Plan so
where does the Human Resource Plan fit into the overall business planning process?
Your essay is to analyse the part Human Resource Planning plays in contributing to the success and
sustainability of an organisation (or otherwise) by critically discussing the following statement:
Planning for use of human capital is an essential aspect of creating successful for-profit
(business) and not-for-profit (government) organisations, as human resources planning
(HRP) is the fundamental process of determining and forecasting human capital needs of
an organisation for the present and the future.
While HRP can be discussed in the holistic context, in your easy you need to discuss some or all of
the following issues:
Should organisational planning precede HRP, should they be conducted concurrently, or should
HRP precede organisational planning?
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of HRP?
Who within an organisation should be involved in the HRP process?

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