Women in the Bible: Bible Commentary

This is a bible commentary for class at a Catholic college. The name of the course is Women in the Bible. The paper must discuss BOTH commentaries. You must discuss three separate, specific points raised by EACH commentary. You must also compare and contrast the two commentaries. This commentary must focus on the WOMEN in the passage. The paper only has to be 500 words. (The words do not include any quotes from the text). The professor does not need any summary of the chapter from the Bible. I will attach the specific instructions from the professor. The last paragraph is a reaction paragraph. For the reaction part of the paper. The professor just wants us to write either: “I think…” or “In my opinion…” The chapter from the bible can be found at this website. Use specifically this website because this is the version of the bible she wants. http://www.catholic.org/bible/book.php?id=11 The bible chapter is 1 Kings 10. If you use a quote from the bible, quote it using the name of the book and chapter and verse. I am also going to attach the bible commentaries. The title of it is: “I & II Kings : a commentary” /
by Gray, John and the other commentary is 1 Kings : a new translation with introduction and commentary” by Cogan Mordechai. The attached files have the names of the authors as the file name so you know which commentary is which. If quoting from the commentary, only use a page reference. Any quotes or paraphrases DO NOT count toward the word limit. Thank you. The professor counts each word individually. There has to be at least 480 words discussing the commentary. The paper is 90% discussion of the commentary and 10% personal reaction. Keep in mind, this is a Catholic university. I will attach the instructions from the professor. And once again, quotes and paraphrases DO NOT count toward the word limit. Thank youl

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