What research methodology did Erikson use

MUST READ THIS BOOK FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT (Erikson, Kai T. Everything in its Path: Destruction of Community in the Buffalo Creek Flood (1976). [259 pgs])I don?t have the book only issueA Case Study Research Review is an assignment in which you read and analyze the work and research methods of a specific author(s).After reading Everything In Its Path, please complete and submit 3-5 pages in which you describe and evaluate Erikson?s work. In addition to the contents of your review, please consider the following questions in your writing:What research methodology did Erikson use?What particular challenges did he face as he conducted his research?Be sure to include the following in your review:Brief summary of the book and its topics, including title and author(s).Main themes and/or thesis of the book.Evaluation of the thesis ? how effectively has the author(s) communicated and supported their thesis?Critical Remarks ? Your individual observations and evaluation of the book.Please submit your assignment as an attachment with 12 point font, double-spaced and with one inch margins.

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