What is the meaning of �The Grievers?Why does the Sultan open the door, and what does the madman’s message mean?

What does the chapter itself suggest, and how do several other chapters support your interpretation? Furthermore, why are competing interpr

This essay is based on Naguib Mafouz’s novel Arabian Night’s and Days

__ Did you examine Shahriyar as a character who develops through the course of the novel?

__ Have you considered closely how Shahriyar’s conversations with other characters reveal his psychology?

__ Have you thought carefully about why Shahriyar does most of the other things the novel presents him doing? (For instance, have you thought about why he wanders the quarter at night, disguised as a traveler or merchant?)

__ Have you looked beyond the obvious cliches? (To say that he’s curious or greedy is to grossly oversimplify this complex man.)

__ Have you considered carefully how Shahriyar’s development parallels with and diverges from the development of other characters?

__ Have you defended your theory with reason, logic, and evidence, or have you simply said, “I think that . . .” or “I believe that . . .” or “I feel that . . .”?

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