What is our personal responsibilitytoward nature and natural resources

What is our personal responsibility toward the natural world, toward what we term our natural resources? What power do we have to influence events? Of course, the wrod resources implies something to be used, yet how far do we go? Read about the conflicts between jobs and the environment that have been prominent in this country. Does the need to preserve age-old redwood forests outweigh loggers’ needs for paychecks in California? Are fish in the Gulf of Mexico more important than the jobs for commercial fishermen? Conflicts such as these are usually settled in the courts. Read about one of these or a similar conflict, and, as you read, create a list of emotionally charged diction used by both sides. (literature suggestion: Le Guin’s “May’s Lion,” Abbey’s “Eco-Defense,” Dillard’s “The Present,” Huxley’s “Time and the Machine”).

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