Week 9 Assignment “ Thinking and Intelligence (Module 21 & 23)

Week 9 Assignment “ Thinking and Intelligence (Module 21 & 23)

Text(s) Required
Essentials of Psychology. Feldman,
Canadian Edition. McGraw Hill

1. Watch both these videos on Artificial Intelligence



In the first video we see Honda s Ashimo learning to categorize the world and in the second we see Microsoft s new office assistant solving problems.

Do you think future technologies will be able to solve problems the way humans do? Will they be able to use creativity and divergent thinking? Will they be affected by framing, or functional fixedness when looking for solutions?

How do you think you are currently affected by new technology when it comes to your own learning, thinking and intelligence and how might that change in the future?

2. What is the difference between crystallized and fluid intelligence (give two examples of both in your response)? How does our crystallized and fluid intelligence change from birth to death?

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