Week 7 : Dyadic Relations, Attributions, and Followership

Week 7 : Dyadic Relations, Attributions, and Followership
– Word Strength : not more than 500 words, including the references.
– Please answer at each question separately
– Please, answer the Discussion questions through the reading of the references.

Questions for discussion
Positive and productive workplace relationships are critical for success over the long term. But how are they achieved given the complex nature of human beings?
The second component of the work this week is the related topic of charismatic and transformation leadership. How leaders lead under different circumstances is of critical importance in understanding effective leadership.

1. Comment on Most leaders develop a high exchange relationship with a small number of trusted subordinates who function as assistants, lieutenants or advisers.
2. Comment on Dyadic relationships typically progress through a series of ups and downs with shifts in attitudes as the two parties attempt to reconcile their desire for autonomy with their desire for closer involvement (page 239).
3. What are the fundamental differences between charismatic and transformation leadership?
4. Discuss the dark side of Charismatic leadership (p 274).

– Chapters 8 & 9 and Case study Pages 522-527 from the prescribed text :
Yukl, G. (2010), Leadership in Organizations, Global Edition (7th Edition), Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, Pearson Prentice-Hall Inc
– I attached some academic articles, You can use them as references ( See the attachment)

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