WEEK 6 : Leadership

Word Strength : not more than 500 words.
Please, answer the Discussion questions through the reading of the references.

Questions for discussion

Understanding how theories have developed is important in understanding how the focus on different variables has changed over time. Whilst contingency theory has sought to emphasize that the situation is an important determinant in how effective leadership can be exercised.
The second component of the work this week is power, authority and influence. Understanding the sources of power is an important aspect of leadership studies. But be warned of the old saying power exercised is power lost.


1. Which of the theories do you best relate to in your understanding of leadership?
2. Social exchange theory describes the process by which individual leaders gain and lose power over time. How useful is this approach?


– Yukl, G. (2010), Leadership in Organizations, Global Edition (7th Edition), Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, Pearson Prentice-Hall Inc
– AND Any 2 resources, but make sure they are new dates ( 2008- 2011). Pls don t use the website.
– Also, I attached some academic articles, You can use them as references

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