Week 6 “ Assignment “ 3 Points (1 for each video)

Week 6 “ Assignment “ 3 Points (1 for each video)
Text(s) Required:
Essentials of Psychology. Feldman,
Canadian Edition. McGraw Hill

Read Chapter 5 of your textbook.

Using the information in both, explain what is happening in each of the three videos. Give a detailed response to each video with a clear explanation of the learning methods. (you will be graded on your knowledge and understanding of the learning methods). Please submit your responses in the Journal Learning

Please include key terms in your explanations:
Classical conditioning, Thorndike s Law of Effect, Neutral stimulus, Unconditioned stimulus, Unconditioned response, Conditioned stimulus, Conditioned response, Extinction, Spontaneous recovery, Stimulus generalization, Stimulus discrimination

Operant conditioning, Positive reinforcer, Negative reinforcer, Punishment, Continuous reinforcement schedule, Partial reinforcement schedule, Shaping, Behaviour modification

Latent learning, Cognitive learning theory, observational learning, Modeling

Video 1: The Office

Video 2: Big Band Theory

Video 3: Bandura Bobo the Clown Experiment

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