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Pebble pad Document has all information about the assessment and please look at the marking sheet and assessment criteria
This Assignment will be about my personal academic and work experience,
I will need to write everything I need to do this assignment and I will upload it to pebble pad, it will consist of 6 parts:
1) Past Personal, It will talk about my personal achievement before ( I will give you some evidence and of personal experiences)
2) Past work, talk about my work experience from the evidence of work experience that I will give you
3)past academic, talk about my past academic and I’ll give all of the certificates of previous academic studies.
4) Present, talk about present time and what I’m doing now ( my uni course) http://www.vu.edu.au/courses/bachelor-of-business-supply-chain-and-logistics-management-bbus-bspscm and how it will help me achieve my goals. also improve my skills in general.
5) Future Goals work in Kuwait Oil Tanker Company.
6) CV Resume. In the cv you should write it with all of the evidence of past & academic and work experience and apply for the logistics industry.

these are all of my work and academic records.
Work Experience:
2008 -2009
Worked in a logistics company called Bitcom I worked as a distribution manager and I had to deal with the paper work of the logistics within the company, also made sure that all of the trucks went and arrived in time.
I worked as volunteer worker with the Kuwait Oil Diving team, we helped clean up coral reefs and make sure that there was no oil spills in the sea.
I worked in a local hardware shop; I was responsible of organizing goods and helping customers.


Victoria University, Australia, Bachelor of Business Supply Chain and Logistics Management
La Trobe University, Australia, Business, Arts and Humanities foundation.

Salman Alafarsi High School, Kuwait

Adventure In Attitude Workshop, Rock Garden Traing Solutions.
MLS International College, Bournemouth UK English course Upper Intermediate.

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