web design HTML using Notepad

The previous teacher did not do his part from agreement my time zone is GMT+3 This individual project: integrating the design principles and technical skills presented in the course into a fully designed website. You will design an original 3- to 4-pages, your website project will include the following: at least 3 webpages (all with content) at least 2 graphics or images at least 1 list at least 1 table at least 1 form Hyperlinks to each webpage from all other webpages created for the website at least 1 webpage that uses CSS The topic for your website project must come from one of the following categories: Storefront/E-commerce site News site Educational site Service/product related site Other requirements: ¬ Make sure that the website is fictitious in nature (i.e., not for a real business, service, or event). ¬ Do not create a website for an existing company or suggest redesigning or upgrading an existing website. ¬ Make sure your root page includes working hyperlinks for your navigation to all other pages in the site (all other pages in site should exist and be in the same folder as your root page). Form: The form can be a survey, feedback, or contact form. Create a form in a separate page of your website (it should be one of the three pages in your site and linked from all other pages, including the home page). The form can be a contact form, an order form, a guest registration, or a similar form. Include the following content in the form: o At least 2 textboxes. Each textbox must have a text label preceding it explaining what should be entered into each textbox. o 1 drop-down list. The drop-down list should have a text label preceding it explaining what the drop-down list contains. The drop-down list should contain at least 5 options. The first option should be blank and selected by default when the page loads. o 1 option (radio button) group. Text for each radio button should be to the right of the button. Radio button group must contain at least 3 choices. First radio button in the group should be selected by default. o 1 command (submit) button. When clicked, the button will send an email to you (at your SEU email address) provided with the

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