Waste Management a key aspect in Green Building custom essay

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1. Background.
A little history to avoid reinventing the wheel (1). The problem being addressed is….. (2). The literature review will establish where others have already reached (3) and identify information / ideas / methods that may be relevant along with gaps in current knowledge and who is working in the same and related fields. So the hypothesis is …..(this section might try to reflect and integrate work to date and mention need and practical significance ). This might improve human quality of life by …… or it is an essential process for commercial success because…… practical relevance is …… why this? Why you? What methods or methodologies? What is the relevance to other work in the department(s) / in the world? Any ethics issue or risk?

2. Objectives.
(you need to define your objectives before you can conduct research. Are there key targets or deliverables, milestones or significant points in your literature survey?)
• Identify and describe gaps in current knowledge about…….
• Identify and describe current applications of…….. and what benefits they bring.
• Locate and give details of areas of research that are currently being pursued (Where?/ Possibly what analysis/ what models are being developed?).
• Identify future applications and areas of research ( is likely to be financed/ are there possible solutions/ is there a need/ what are the scientific merits?)

3. Method
What are the knowledge requirements? What facilities are available? Is there any cost? How long will things take? Literature searches in both University and Civil libraries will be carried out. Sources such as textbooks, journals and technical papers are available from this location. For information regarding contemporary and future issue of……… the Internet/ journal papers/ conferences / books etc etc may be / is the best source of information. There are numerous researchers, manufacturers, suppliers and users of…….. with quality information on their web sites(4). How does it relate to research in the department(s)? What academic support is available? Is the research mainly done in the laboratory ? by industrial experiments / is it descriptive or comparative / is it responsive / does it use simulation / does it use randomised trials or field studies or surveys? Experiments that might move the field forward are…… What surveys has been done?(5)

4. Key References.
(you must acknowledge the work of others. What are the key references in this area?)
(1). An international journal paper (possibly a survey paper or literature review) .
(2). An international journal paper (possibly more focused than (1) to describe the problem being addressed).
(3). A recent book or journal paper to establish state of the art.
(4). A key WWW Site.
(5). An international journal paper or possibly a set of conference proceeding ( possibly a survey paper by someone in the department(s) ).

Using Harvard(APA)

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