VBA for finance

choice 1
the mission; You should create a user form that will: allow the computation of all or most of the options prices we have seen so far, BS, CRR, European or American, digital, barrier… In addition to that, you will include the pricing of a second generation option -an option on an option- both options will be European. You can either just make assumptions or, better yet, test and simulate in order to find the optimal value of certain parameter…

choice 2
If you happen to be corporate oriented, you can still do a project that will be closer to your preferred topics by creating a user form for project analysis. It will include all the classical approaches (IRR, NPV, etc.) and a “real option” approach. That approach tries to find the price of a project (NPV) as the premium of an option, by considering that the cash-flows attached to the project are of an optional nature. Use a binomial approach and be creative!

you have the option to choose either choice one or two it doesn’t matter

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