Value Chain Management

This coursework tries to encourage students to start reading a wider range of literature (e.g. text books and papers) on Value Chain Management from an early stage of the course. The more study for this coursework, the broader view of the Value Chain Management is achieved for students. This helps students to review their learning and to organize their studies for this course. Coursework 1 requires students to choose journals, books, and papers in fields of Value Chain Management, to study selected chapters of them, and to write a business report of 3500-4000 words on different aspects of Value Chain Management. Value Chain Management is a broad, multi-disciplinary field of study. Studying textbooks and papers in field of value chain introduces students with different perspectives to Value Chain Management. Subjects is quality management is just some parts of value chain management. This topic from those subjects delivered in term one. Basing your answer on relevant literature (academic books, journal articles etc.), try to explain how the selected topic is influenced by a Customer and a Business Process perspective. Besides, show where in a standard Value Chain you would expect to see your chosen topic addressed (it may be in more than one place for example a distribution centre and a retail shop). Good mark goes to those students who focus on a specific topic of value chain management and organize their understanding in a well-structured business report. Proving real-world examples like Samsung Company can improve your report as well.

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