Using QR technology on patient Smartphone as hospital appointment reminder!

This is about Using QR technology on patient smartphone as hospital appointment reminder!
Its contain two parts: first part is a pilot project to try this product (which I did it by my self)
The another part which I need you to do it is to do literature review on this topic, which includes:
– QR technology introduction (history, benefits, uses of QR technology on health sector with examples and benefits, also statistics about number of people that using QR codes on smartphone and the future trend) this must be around 600 words
– Smartphone (introduction to the smartphone includes statistics of the number of people which have this kind of phones, uses of smartphone on healthcare sector history benefits and examples) around 600 words
– Patient appointment reminder ( Introduction of the bad impact of patient not showing, its negative effects on the quality of healthcare, reasons of not showing, specifically talk about forgeeting reason!, many statistics on that ( …% of failure to attend is due to forgetting or not knowing), talking about some experencies which used new technology to tackle this problem ( SMS, email reminders and QR code) statistics and positive impact of using it. perception of the positive impact of using QR on showing rates on hospital. This part must be around 800 words.

Please note the whole idea of this assigment is to approve that using QR on smartphone is good idea as patient appointment reminder….

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