Using examples from the Australian regulatory and professional environments,discuss the statement by Treasury on audit quality.

In its 2010 paper titled, •Audit Quality in Australia A Strategic Review–, Treasury made the
following statement,
•Audit quality involves a wide range of inter-related factors such as the legal framework
relating to audit regulation (including the company auditor registration system, the
auditor independence regime in the Corporations Act 2001 and the accounting and
auditing standards), the ethical standards applying to the members of the professional
accounting bodies, the professional qualities and skills of auditors and their staff and the
role and activities of the audit regulator ” the Australian Securities and Investments
Commission (ASIC) ” and other bodies involved in the audit review process. .There
are also other drivers of audit quality that relate to the practices and processes adopted
within audit firms, such as the culture within the audit firm and the quality of the firm s
audit process, including the experience and technical expertise of the audit team and
the audit methodology adopted by the firm.– (Treasury, 2010, p.2)
Using examples from the Australian regulatory and professional environments,
discuss the above statement by Treasury on audit quality.
This assignment requires students to undertake to undertake self directed research.
However, in order to assist students to develop a basic understanding of the issues so that
they can confidently explore the topic and address what is required, a number of readings
have been provided.
This assignment is to be completed on an individual basis. The word limit is 2500 words.
No more than 10% of the words submitted can be either direct quotations or close
paraphrasing. Where quotes and close paraphrasing are used, they must be referenced.
Please see also the University s policy on plagiarism at
Students are required to submit a hard copy through the Hub and a soft copy through
•Turnitin–. Please ensure that you enter the correct information on the assignment cover
READINGS (Available on MyUni)
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Program for the Year Ended 30
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Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (2010b) Quality Review: past, present and
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The Treasury (2010) Audit Quality in Australia: A Strategic Review, Commonwealth of
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