urban and regional planning

Purpose: To develop technical skills and demonstrate analytical and explanatory skills in
Statutory Plan writing and development control.
Guidelines: The analysis is to be presented in response to presentations from practising
planners and a case study. This assignment is to contrast the perceptions and practicalities of
understanding a development within a 1-2 page short report (around 1,000 words). In this
assignment, students will develop plan reading and interpretation skills grounded in the
language of plans and definitions. This response should envisage a proposed rule response that
would improve future situations.
Suggested Length: 1-2 page short report (No more than 1,500 words)
Assessment Criteria (out of 100%):
Using the case study as the basis for this assignment, the assignment will be marked on:
Ability to define a planning problem, statement or outcome and explain the central
issues clearly (30%)
Ability to make use of suitable data/evidence to support the analysis and evidence based
outcome (35%)
Demonstration of robust interpretation, negotiation and positioning of the solution to the
identified problem and recommended controls that support the outcome (35%)

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