Unfair Business Practices/Anti-Trust OR Intellectual Property (C7)

Please choose one of these topics which one you think you can write the best at

if you are choosing Anti-Trust you may want to write Detla- northwest Or At&t and T-Mobile

For the Intellectual Property Apple and Samsung or Google recent problem

I don t care whatever you write about as long as it s narrowed down

Topics Unfair Business Practices/Anti-Trust (C46)
Intellectual Property (C7)

Research Project Written Report

A Research Project is required of each student. Each student may select a topic of specific interest within the context of the course that will require sufficient research and analysis to be a challenge to the student s academic skills. The instructor must approve the topic. Proposed topics may be submitted to the instructor at anytime.


The term paper should be a minimum of 10 written pages not including additional inserts (approximately 2,500 words).
12-point font, double-spaced.
Include consulted references directly in the text.
Use APA formatting.

Suggested Format

Cover Page

TITLE (in capital letters)
Student s Name
Student ID #
Class Number
Professor s Name
Educational Institution


Introduce the topic selected.
Why the topic was selected (importance or relevance).
Briefly state how the paper is organized.

Body (Give a proper working title for each topic)

This is the main section of the paper.


Summarize the topic presented and discuss possible recommendations, personal comments, etc.

Bibliography and References

List all references used (alphabetical order by author).

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