UK WRITER ONLY analysing and recommending the role for public relations for Blacks lesiure group

Conduct a thorough analysis of Blacks lesiure groupand its position within its industry, using SWOT, PESTLE and other analysis tools. This should include analysis of the company s financial position, and how the communications/ PR function is currently managed within the company.
From this analysis, identify the major issues currently affecting or likely to affect Blacks lesiure group and reputation in the immediate future (12 months). It is important to consider the communication/PR implications of the issues. Underpin your analysis with references.
Identify the key stakeholders involved with each of the identified issues and their relative importance to the company and its future development

The report should then make recommendations to senior management about the role public relations can play in assisting the company to resolve these issues satisfactorily to protect and enhance its corporate reputation. This section of the report should take the form of an outline public relations plan for the next 12 months, and include:

2-3 priority issues to be addressed (of these, you need to select ONE main issue to address in your report).

The business objectives and communications objectives for the public relations programme, linked to a campaign message and a message strategy.

The key publics that the programme will target, with detailed profiling for each.

The suggested programme of public relations action that will be undertaken to address your selected ONE MAIN issue, including an outline timetable for the PR programme. [Do NOT use advertising tactics here.]

The proposed means by which the success of the programme will be evaluated

can you follow the assessment criteria given on page 3 of the attached assignment brief. it shows a percentage of how much each section is worth, 10% works out to be about a page.

The format in which the report has to be conducted is also shown in the assignment brief on page 2.

most of the information about the assignment is on the attached assignment brief.

ask for help if needed!!
you may add 2 extra pages 1 for contents page and 1 for title page

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