UAE : Construction and Real-Estate

Part a:
Construction and Real-Estate .Discuss the construction boom in the UAE and discuss what impact it had on the UAE in general. Discuss construction of malls, hospitals, buildings, etc.. (What do you believe is the driving force for them) and then discuss real estate. What do you believe is driving the real-estate growth in the UAE? Are there any risks for the boom in real-estate (discuss)?

Part b:
Every individual has two topics from part a (Financial Sector/Foreign Investment), for this part out of the two topics, choose one and perform the analysis should stress on important macroeconomic indicators and hence address the following questions of how the items above, in the context of the development of the UAE economy affects the Macro Economic indicators of GDP, Growth, Unemployment, Monetary and Fiscal policy, and the trade/balance of payment of the UAE.

Based on what you have done in part a, and your understanding Macro Economics, analyze and assess the following:

1.GDP: How much does your topic contribute to the GDP? Does topic affect the aggregate Supply parameter of Technology, Labor, Physical Capital, Human Capital, and Natural Resource? Does your topic impact on investment which is the driver for growth in any nation?
2.Unemployment: How much does your topic impact on employment in the UAE for all UAE residents and nationals in specific?
3.Monetary Policy: Does your topic impact on the money supply, does the UAE monetary policy impact on your topic
4.Fiscal Policy: Does the UAE fiscal policy affect your topic
5.Trade: Does your topic influence the overall trade balance of the UAE

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