two editing papers and one assignment

Attached are three assignments, two of which have been completed, but have issues and need amendments in accordance with guidelines below.

Guidelines for the completed papers (see “Papers Completed and Requiring”):

1.) The paper needs to be a literature review, providing an overview of classic work and latest thinking and a critical analysis and discussion of the literature, followed by a summary of the key findings and a conclusion. It is critical that every statement, argument is supported by a reference and not “left alone”.
Therefore, in the literature review, every paragraph should have at least one academic reference!

2) I have edited the submitted paper with my comments and highlighted the fact that on the last two pages, a lot of the content from 2 + 3 is repeated, and if I exclude this, the total word count is only 1928 words, whereas I require a paper with 2800 words, excluding cover page and bibliography! So the revised paper needs to have around 2800 words. I assume the duplication of content was on oversight.

3.) I have also noticed that quite a few paragraphs have been taken from some journal, but the writers have NOT identified and made a reference to this journal! I am hoping that this was an oversight. This resource should be used as well for the literature review in the revised paper but needs to be clearly referenced.

4.) The following literature must be used in addition to what is referenced to already. When the writers address my comments (made in the attachment provided in point 2) AND use the below literature, it should not be an issue to expand the paper to 2800 words.

Text book (page 11 – 33)
c) Core Literature – essays
d) Additional references can be used and found here:

THE THIRD PAPER (needs to be written from scratch):
Assignment – Brand Management
a) Extension to existing work, where an assignment on brand management and corporate reputation is needed – max. 2.800 words total paper and as above, I would need for example 1000 words – 1500 words contributed and would provide the assignment task and course material, if needed. And also here, feedback/assessment to my previous work. TMCA File Attached.

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