Tv Production; Critical analysis and review of a selected television production format.

This should be presented as a digital document with a suggested word length not exceeding 3000 words. You may wish to reference the examples of the production format you have chosen by including examples of sections of programmes that you have recorded off-air and saved as supplementary material onto DVD. You might want to include production screen grabs as images within your written analysis and review document.

The intention for this Assessment is that you chose a production format – Chat Show, News Bulletins etc, select a variety of examples of this format and carry out a thorough analysis. You need to place them in their contexts of studio production implications and audience reception intention. You need to point out the key characteristics of the production variant, and note any differences between the examples you have chosen. In essence you need to show that you are more than just a passive viewer and that you are able to comment from both a creative and a technical point of view. You should be able to reflect upon the aesthetic, social and technological form of your selected material.

You need to ensure that you include the basis for your analysis and review, by indicating what you have read and observed, and by also including your personal reflections. It is important that you provide evidence through referencing and your bibliography.

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