escribe the following about Tunisia and use bibliography resources:
first part:

1. Attributes of the destination (what are the authentic must experiences there?)
2. Who are their target markets?
3. who are the primary place marketing orgnaizations?
4. How are they differentiating them selves?
5. Describe their marketing communications- campaign?
6. Who are their primary distribution channels?
7. What are the potential gaps in their marketing?
8. Conduct a SWOT analysis of their official marketing?
9. What are your expected experiences as a visitor based on marketing ONLY-explain why?
10. What are their commodity type experiences, services and products?

second part:

11. Focus on establish destination experiential positioning
12.Marketing goal: communicating an authentic experience that would create demand to visit your destination
13. The goal is a power point presentation to the government to communicate the destination?s experiential marketing concept.

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