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Emerging trends as discussed in the first assessment are likely to have differing natures and degrees
of effect on different organisations, according to their type of business. Managers will need to identify
and prioritise such trends likely to impact their business and develop specific marketing strategies to
cope with them. This assessment requires you to demonstrate how a specific organisation might
evaluate and adapt its marketing strategy to cope with a specific emerging trend.


A discussion paper focuses on a particular topic or issue and provides a balanced description,
analysis and evaluation (of the issues embedded in the topic). It is essential to support your
arguments with evidence from several sources. You will need to undertake secondary research (eg
relevant academic journal articles, textbooks, internet sites) to find appropriate theory and/or case
studies to illustrate and support your arguments. Like an essay, a discussion paper should follow a
formal structure including an introduction, main body (definition, explanation, evaluation and
discussion) and concluding summary.

Question: Identify one emerging trend from the course core topics and choose a real-life organisation
(for-profit or not-for-profit) likely to be affected by it during the next 3 years. Justify why this particular
trend might be the most important to the organisation. Discuss the nature and degree of impact of the
trend on the whole organisation or at least a strategic business unit/division within it (ie more than just
a single product or product group). Propose and justify how the organisation’s target market(s) and
positioning(s) might need to look 3 years from now to cope with this trend. Include a discussion of the
steps required, risks, and issues of the strategy of your recommended positioning migration.

These are some of the core topics for emerging trends as mentioned in question but if there is something better then these would be more perfect.

Environmental marketing
Convergence and divergence- cultural, technical, and economic.
The evolution of communication, advertising, and promotion.
Marketing into an emerging world and to the world’s poor.
E-business vs. bricks and mortar.

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