Transition Plan; Transition Assessments

• Identifying Information (Demographics)
• Reason for Transition Plan
• Any procedures/testing administered
• Educational History – be thorough
? Provide current grade
? Performance throughout academic career
? When did they begin attending? Example: Pre-K, HeadStart, etc.
? How do they perform in class such as following directions, working in group activities
? Have they ever received special education services? Or any other intervention? If so, what kind and be specific.
• Personal and Social History – be thorough
? How do they get along with others in and out of school?
? Any social skill issues? Fighting?
• Medical or Health History – be thorough
? Any problems with pregnancy or problems in-utero
? Any medical complications during delivery or after birth
? Any infancy or early childhood illness
? Any chronic medical conditions
? Medications
? Current health status
• Educational Achievement – be thorough
? What areas has individual excelled in?
? Academic awards
? Academic strengths
? Academic involvement such as academic groups (French club, Honor Society)
• Psychological Data – be thorough
? If you have any access to prior psychological testing, please provide results
? Mental health history – when symptoms began, type of symptoms, frequency of symptoms
? Substance abuse history – type of substances used, when use began, frequency, quantity,
? Treatment history for symptoms – response to treatment
? Family history of mental health issues and substance abuse issues
? Current functioning
• Psychiatric Evaluations – be thorough
? If you have access to any prior psychiatric evaluations, please provide results
• Personal Interests and preferences
? Education and social goals
? General life goals
? Occupational goals
? Residential goals
• Testing Results
• Summary/Recommendations
• Goals (Please make at least 1 to 2 goals for future to work on)
• Signature

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