Tourism; Select a Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) within Australia, and write a report on that destination.

Your report should contain the following sections, but have appropriately titled headings (the sections below are not suitable headings, but merely a checklist of what should be included in your report):-
a) A discussion about your selected DMO and the destination the DMO represents. This should include a clear map of the destination.
b) An overview of the types of tourists that visit your selected destination based on current secondary data (eg from Tourism Research Australia).
c) Identify with rationale the destinations that are the main competitors for your DMO – ie what regions are predominately competing for the same / similar target markets as your selected DMO.
d) Discussion on the destination’s Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) segment, incorporating literature on VFR travel (at least two journal articles).
e) A discussion regarding the DMO’s website that involves analysing how effective this website is in communicating to the destination’s key market segments.
f) Explain with a detailed rationale what types of tourist segments are critical for your DMO to market to over the next two years with rationale.

Your report should be typed on A4 sheets, in Arial font size 11, with 1.5 spacing and 3cm left and right margins. Pages should be numbered.

Marking Criteria:

– Development of an appropriate introduction, conclusion and executive summary.
– Discussion of the DMO and destination with clear map.
– Well-selected current visitor statistics.
– Ability to identify target markets based on market research.
– Demonstration of understanding of subject matter.
– Ability to identify and explain primary competing destinations.
– Ability to outline a detailed discussion on the destination’s VFR travel market, linking with current literature (a minimum of two journal articles).
– Clear discussion on the DMO’s website with analysis of the effectiveness of this.
– Ability to identify with clear rationale the suitable tourism segments to market to.
– Ability to apply theoretical concepts to a specific situation.
– Professional presentation and report structure using specified font and layout.
– Creativity of paper including presentation of statistics in clear tables.
– Well-developed writing style and accurate grammar.
– Suitable selection of academic sources (ie academic journals and textbooks).
– Accurate APA referencing style in-text and in reference list.

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