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Slide 1 (this may take up to 2 slides maximum): Reflection and analysis essay – this slide/s will be a 500 word short essay to:
 discuss the food and/or drink in terms of the 2 – 3 dimensions (in text references required)
 analyse how the examples appeal to the tourist/consumer in terms of tourist attractions (pull factors only) (in text references required)  reflect on their own personal experience, viewpoint and perception
in regard to the food and/or drink (100 words – no in text
referencing required)  Use 10-11 point font and 500 words will fit on one or two
PowerPoint slide
o Slide 2: References for the essay (as in Slide 1 above)  This slide will give the list of references actively used in the
‘Reflection and analysis’ 500 word essay (see dot point above). Again these are to be written correctly, according to the Harvard system. Students are expected to source and use a wide range of material and use at least 6 relevant references, 3 of which must be relevant refereed journal articles. Material used as references should be relevant, reliable, credible and accurate – see the TOUR 2004 eReadings, lecture notes, Study Guide, and use the Library’s extensive collection of material (hard copy and ebooks, ejournals, etc).
o Slide 3: Presentation Feedback – students will copy the dot points below into one PowerPoint slide and make at least one critical and honest comment for each dot point regarding the groups and their own presentation. In the ‘Summary comment & grade’ section students will also give an honest overall comment and grade for their group’s presentation. Again use 10-11 point font and this will fit on one slide.
 Timing – organised, started on time, kept to time  Evidence of preparation – consideration of audience, collation of information, cue cards, PowerPoint, practice, did the group work
together?  Content – informative, interesting, addressed 2-3 dimensions  Structure – was there an introduction, body and conclusion?  Presentation – good timing, cohesive presentation, all group
members contributed, focussed on audience not screen, used appropriate eye contact with audience, used variation in voice to encourage listening, confident, used cue cards and did not read notes
 Use of PowerPoint – used visual aids effectively (including PowerPoint), font, colour, readability, white space
 How food or drink was presented, displayed, shared  Question time – group facilitated questions, answered appropriately,
showed knowledge & enthusiasm  Summary comment & grade

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