Title Organisational Transformation in Practice

Assessment [submission icentre Thursday 10th May 2012]

Students are required to assemble a “patchwork text” (Illes, 2003; Winter, 2003) which relates your current or future workplace role. The patchwork text may be developed or based upon one of the following:

Kets de Vries (2004) suggests that people are prisoners of their past. Evaluate and reflect upon how your past might influence your future workplace role and development.
Evaluate and reflect upon a personal experience of change in your workplace
Apply Krantz and Maltz’s (1997) role analysis to your current workplace experience.
Using the “triangle of conflict” (de Vries, 2007), evaluate and reflect upon a major incident of conflict in your life. Consider your learning/ experiences in relation to your future workplace role.
Apply James and Arroba’s (2005) “reading and carrying framework” to critically evaluate and reflect upon how you interact with others. Consider the implications in relation to your future workplace role.
Conduct and develop a critical self-analysis using Jung’s notion of individuation (Carr, 2002), and relate this to your leadership archetype.
Critically evaluate, and reflect upon your own resilience and relate this your existing and future leadership competencies

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