Title: Functional characterization of Density Enhanced Protein (DEP-1): isolation of monoclonal antibody (using phage display technology) against DEP-1 as tools for elucidation of DEP-1 function.


Table of contents:

1.1 Protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs )
1.2 CD148
1.2.1 Expression of CD148 on haematopoietic and non-haematopoietic cells
1.2.2 Expression of CD148 in megakaryocytes
1.2.3 CD148 as a marker for memory B cells
1.2.4 CD148 negatively regulates T-cell signaling
1.2.5 CD148 function in granulocytes
1.2.6 Role of CD148 in cells of the mononuclear phagocyte system
1.2.7 Physiological Functions of CD148 in non-haematopoietic cells
1.2.8 CD148 and diseases CD148 and inflammation Role of CD148 in malignancy
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