Tiny Qatar’s Big Role in The Middle East, Revolutions and The NATO.

Proposed dissertation topic:

” Qatar, the tiny Gulf state that has turned into a big player in the Great Game ” By Richard Spencer.
So how come this tiny nation is now such a major regional force? Diplomatic prowess ,Liberal leaning,
al-Jazeera channel and the Revolutions in the middle east ,the Nato-led coalition in Libya ( Qatar’s Big Role in Libya ).

Dissertation Title:

Tiny Qatar’s Big Role in The Middle East’s Revolutions and The NATO.

The reason for choosing this title:

First of all i am a Qatari citizen, that will help me to show more skills and information in my dissertation, also with the current issus in the middle east with the revolutions in Tunisia, egypt, libya, syria, Yaman, and Bahrain, there were always Qatar’s involvment in each revolution as a media by Al-jazeera channel, or the diplomatic skills to stop the mass killing or by playing a role with tha NATO involvement. so i believe, i have what it takes under this title to provide a really good dissertation.

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