three ways in which the modern Olympic Games has become commercialised and consider their implications for the Olympic Organising Committee

1.You must complete your review of literature on a topic/subject formulated specifically for your course

2. Search for the literature: you should identify academic literature on the topic/subject. At least 6 pieces of relevant literature must be identified and reviewed and among them there must be at least 2 journal articles.

3. Review the literature: You should first develop a good understanding of the selected literature and then extract the key concepts, theories, arguments, methodology and conclusions defined, developed, employed or drawn in the selected literature.

4. Write up your review of literature: you should then write up a review of literature of 1,200 words. In this review, you should organise the reviewed literature logically.

Structure of your review of literature:
1. Introduction: in this first section, you should explain what your research question is and how this review will be developed.
2. Review of the literature: in the main section, you should organise and review the literature around the sub-questions or themes.
3. Conclusion: in this final section, you should summarise the key points made in the review section.
4. References: You must provide a reference list including all the literature cited in the main-text

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