three factors which have a significant bearing on the outcomes of project

In assignment (Critical Success Factor
Critical success factors are those few things that must go
well to ensure success for a project, and, therefore, they
represent those managerial or other areas, that must be
given special and continual attention to bring about high

you need to pick three of these :
Critical success factors in the
Support from senior management
Clear realistic objectives
Strong/detailed plan kept up to date
Good communication/feedback
User/client involvement
Skilled/suitably qualified/sufficient
Effective change management
Project sponsor/champion
Effective monitoring/control
Adequate budget
Good performance by
Planned close down/review/acceptance of
possible failure
Competent project manager
Strong business case/sound basis for
Sufficient/well allocated resources
Good leadership
Proven/familiar technology
Realistic schedule
Risks addressed/assessed/managed
Training provision
Political stability
Correct choice/past experience of project
management methodology/tools
Environmental influences
Past experience (learning from)
Project size (large)/level of complexity
(high)/number of people involved (too
many)/duration (over 3 years)
Different viewpoints (appreciating)

and (concentrate on each of them) you got a 1000 for each of them and example project for each of them

(I need academic references , I prefer some of them from journals )

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