those living in rural or isolated areas

2 Oral Presentation
Assessment Task Learning Objectives 2 Demonstrate an understanding of the scope and impact of family violence
Critically evaluate a range of theoretical perspectives utilised to understand family violence
Evaluate cross-cultural (including Aboriginal) perspectives in relation to family violence.
Critically evaluate policies that have been devised to deal with family violence.

Each student is required to make an oral presentation to the class. The purpose of the presentation is to present ideas, theories and research on the topic selected in a way that is accessible and readily understood by the rest of the group and to lead and stimulate class discussion on the chosen topic. Your presentation should be designed to achieve this. This is a brief presentation. It is anticipated it will take about 20 minutes, including discussion time. You are required to submit a one page summary of your presentation, covering the main points you made, plus a list of references consulted, the week you do the presentation.

Topics will broadly follow the lecture program although there is some flexibility. For your presentation you are expected to research carefully and read widely. It is up to you to ensure that the material and resources you include in your presentation are relevant to the topic you are presenting. The student/s presenting the paper will be the expert for that topic. However it is expected all students will do some research and reading for each session.

Focus questions:
What does the research tell us about the impact and the effects of family violence on the group you have chosen?
What particular difficulties are faced by the group you have chosen in dealing with family violence?
What are some of the barriers this group may experience accessing services?
How did this group manage to get their needs recognised on the public agenda?

Marking Criteria

You will be assessed on the care with which you research the topic, the thoroughness and depth of your preparation, and the quality of your presentation. Comments and feedback will be given individually for your tutorial presentation, utilising the following criteria: The assessment criteria are intended as indicators only, and they are not added up to make your final mark. Furthermore, the categories are not equally important.

Use of Core readings
Read and refer to the relevant material recommended as the core reading (s) in the study guide. Make sure that the points you make are relevant, stem from the readings and are demonstrable of your mastery of the material. Additional research Search the library or the internet, particularly the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse
HYPERLINK Conceptual & theoretical understanding Make sure you demonstrate that you understand the concepts used. You can do this either by giving definitions (do this only with difficult or very important technical words), or by using the concepts in such a way that demonstrates that you know what they mean. Ability to apply knowledge to current social issues and events Your analytical ability will be assessed. You should be able to demonstrate that you can deliver an analysis of value while applying your theoretical knowledge to those examples. Ability to generate and facilitate discussion As discussion leaders, you are not just to present material to the class. After the presentation component of this task, you should be able to develop and ask questions of relevance. Overall performance The quality of your overall performance will be assessed.

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