The Struggling Rail Station

The task is case one.
Case Study Responses 1 and 2 (total marks of 60 out of 100 for the semester)
Students are required to submit two case study responses during semester. Case studies are
provided on Moodle. Prior to seminars students are required to analyse each case in
preparation for group discussions. See due dates above and note that you must provide an
electronic copy to moodle and a hard copy to your tutor.
Each case study responses paper should be a maximum of 1000 words and identify (i) a key
problem issue in the case; (ii) theoretically informed alternative solutions to the problem; (iii)
your proposed solution (that is, a single proposal) drawn from the alternatives identified in
part (iv) and a clear rationale for this decision.
Case study response 1 is worth 25 marks and Case study response 2 is worth 35 marks.
As a minimum guide each case response should have should have an introduction, address
items (i) to (iv), using the Harvard Author-date referencing system and provide a reference
list of those sources actually cited in the text. In terms of presentation the minimum font size
should be 12, double spaced, on single sided pages, pages should be numbered and any
diagrams, illustration or tables included should be suitably labelled and referenced. Your
case response may include sub-headings. A list of references used and cited in your response
is a requirement for each paper and Harvard-style author date referencing should be used.

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