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. Introduction
In your essay, you should first introduce the topic of your theme generally in the introduction and then provide a specific statement of exactly what you intend to write about in the main part of your essay.

For example,
a. if your topic is Juvenile Crime, your thesis statement could read Juvenile crime is on the increase and the reasons for this are complex ;

b. if your topic is The Benefits of Modern Technology, your thesis statement could read The most recent significant discoveries to benefit humankind in modern times have been in the areas of computer technology and television .

2. Body
In the body of your essay, you should discuss the main ideas expressed in your articles (the most important aspects of the articles) and explore the specific issues and arguments raised in your thesis statement.

3. Conclusion
In the conclusion, you should sum up your main points and include what opinions you now have, and what conclusions you have drawn about your chosen unit.


You must provide references of the three sources (in Part 1) and all other materials used. The references must be in both the ESSAY and in the REFERENCE LIST. For example, (The Canberra Times, 3 September, 2011) in the essay and a list of references at the end of your essay. You are advised to use the sample reference list in your unit materials book to complete this.

You will receive a FAIL grade for Part 2 of this report if NO in-text references are used.

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