The Purpose of Internal Controls In the Accounting Process

Introduction to, and definition of, selected topic 15%

Analysis and critical appraisal of the relevant literature 45%

Conclusion and outline identification of possible areas for further research 20%

Presentation of assignment, including referencing and list of references in accordance with Harvard System. Appropriateness and clarity of PowerPoint presentation. 20%

Module Learning Outcomes:
In order to complete the module successfully, students are expected to be able to demonstrate the following:
1. A critical awareness of gaps between academic study and professional practice in accounting, and an appreciation of the boundaries of knowledge and the processes of change
2. The ability to evaluate, appraise and critique new ideas, models and concepts, and to identify any biases and assumptions inherent in these.

The requirements are:
A literature review of an area of research selected by the student which presents the conceptual arguments cogently and concisely .
A PowerPoint presentation of the literature review for delivery to an educated but non-specialist audience “ 20 slides maximum

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