the man who mistook his wife for a hat by oliver sacks Custom Essay

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read the book" the man who mistook his wife for a hat " by oliver sacks.. and answer each questions, each answer should have at least two quote from the book. read the first chapert " the man who mistooj his wife for a hat" 1. At what stage did Sacks start to notice something wrong with Dr.P? 2. Just what is wrong with Dr. P’s judgement? 3. How would traditional science understand his illmess and why does sacks feel they would be wrong? 4. How is the 32 year old patient mentioned at the end of this tale similar to Dr.P. read the second chapter " the lost mariner" 1.At what point in jimmie’s life do the memories stop? what might have happened to cause this? 2. What happens when Jimmie looks in the mirror? 3. Describe Jimmie’s problem with memory. 4. Is it more likely Jimmie has Korsakov’s syndrome or retrograde amnesia? why? 5. what do the mums at the institution understand about Jimmie? 6. Why is the philosopher David Hume brought up at the end? 7. Oliver Sacks asks the following question at the beginning of this tale-"what sort of life can be preserved in a man who has lost part of his memory and with this, his past?” how would uou answer this? read chapter" witty, ticcy ray” 1. " what is Tourette’s syndrome?" 2. how is it different from Parkinson’s disease? 3. What parts of the brain are affected with Tourette’s? 4. was the effect of Haldol food/bad/or both for Ray? why? 5. Is the disease a blessing? a curse? both? 6. What one qiestion would you like to ask someone with Tourette’s syndrome? read the chapter " the autist artist" 1. What do people traditionally mean by autism? 2. what does Jose’s drawing of the fish, (p.218 and 224) suggest to sacks about the inner life of Jose? 3. Although Jose’s brain is compromised, what potential power does Sacks discover? 4. Where does Sacks feel that Jose belongs? Why?

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