the Line Manager s role in Human Resource Management “2”

Theme: the Line Manager s role in Human Resource Management

Please read the following information carefully.

Background Information
For the purposes of this assignment please consider that you have been employed as an Operational Manager within a Medium sized Manufacturing Company (Gross Turn over £5 million, 300 Employees, 5 Director s and 25 Managers of which you are 1.)
The company uses outsourced support for its IT systems, Finance and Payroll and Human Resource Specialist Advice for Recruitment.

The Company has just secured contracts that will allow it to move up to the next level with its gross turnover predicted to increase to £20 million within 2 years.
There is a need to recruit additional workers and the company philosophy dictates that where possible those workers will be recruited locally.
However the Company is based in a developing area where many people only have access to basic educational qualifications and they will need to rapidly develop additional skills and learning in order to ensure the Company s continued success.

The Director s call a meeting of all the Managers to develop an Action Plan
To take forward this agenda and each manager is given a specific topic to project manage. Your area of responsibility will be Human Resource Management, specifically how the company will ensure that they have the right people in the right place with the right skills at the right time and with the right level of commitment and engagement.

The Task

Using an academic essay format, critically discuss the questions posed.

What type of Company is this? What do the theorists who describe this type of model identify as the benefits and risks of such structures (with particular emphasis on the human resources implications).
Critically discuss how the history of people management practices and the theories that have been developed over the decades could assist your assigned area of future planning for this Company s expansion?
What kind of policies, procedures and practices will you be looking to your HR Specialists to develop for the company and why? Explain your thinking and identify the links with other academic thinking.
As the Operational Manager in this company what do you think might be key considerations for you (and the other senior staff) in terms of your engagement, commitment and learning needs? Support your views by critically evaluating your recommendations.
Compare your views and ideas against previously researched findings.

( Set Book

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