The Lemon Grove Incident movie

This essay will be evaluated on the basis of your ability to make statements, substantiate those statements with evidence and other forms of logic, and provide analysis of the issues addressed in the question. Be sure to include a thorough thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion.

Using Victor Villasenor’s Burro Genius, the film The Lemon Grove Incident and lectures on school desegregation cases, discuss and assess the impact of education policy on Mexican American school children.
A. provide a brief synopsis of educational segregation and at least two desegregation cases that pertained to Mexican American students.
B. How do these policies to segregate Mexican children within mainstream schools and on other occasions establishing separate “Mexican Schools” affect students, families and communities? (What are some consequences of segregation and “Mexican Schools”? Consider differences in curriculum, teacher expectations, resources, and the education students receive at home.)
C. Discuss Villasenor’s analysis regarding how to “break” a horse versus to “amanszar” a horse within the context of his and others’ educational and home experiences.

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