The impact of personal digital assistant on the public and the privet sector.

PDAs were introduced by Apple Computers in 1993. Since then, they have evolved into wireless devices with capabilities to perform advanced technologies tasks. Today, PDA s are very commonly used devices and became widespread around the world. PDA technology has been constantly improving and the applications have been expanding. In fact, more than 9 million of these hand-held computers have been sold.

Recently, PDA s have a major impact on our lifestyle. Most of us have a Smartphone or a tablet, which can fits in our pocket, and we carry it wherever we go. Application is a program or software which can be downloaded into the PDA device. PDA software is relatively inexpensive compared to desktop application and the variety of applications is huge. Moreover, many applications are offered for free or for a trial period.

Businesses and industries are also influenced by PDA s. One of the biggest impact of the PDA is in the health care system. Many health care providers regularly use PDAs in their everyday work. In addition, many businesses have developed applications in order to promote their business and to give a better service to their customers.

Essay Topic

The research is about the impact of PDA s on the public sector of health care, institutions and small businesses and on the private sector of personal lifestyle.

Health care “ My initial research showed the increasing use of PDA in the health care system. Hospitals, pharmacies and clinics are using PDA software to maintain clients information, save data and to track supplies and inventory.
Businesses and institutions “ Many businesses are developing applications for PDA s in order to promote and to advertise their business. Those applications allow the customers to get information about the company, to see what kind of services it provides and a way to contact the company.
Personal lifestyle “ PDA s allow us to do our everyday activities through the device itself, which can save us time and stress. The wide range of applications and the easy access makes the device to be suitable to almost everyone.

Extra Notes:
1) Please provide proper APA citations, and cite every external source that you are using to get the information.
2) I am providing a list of recommended articles (uploaded as a ZIP folder) that I have found but you are encouraged to reference any other sources.
3) Content:
The essay should discuss mostly positive impacts of PDAs but you can also give a small place to negative impacts if they exist.

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