The immune system brings about only beneficial effects on the body. Discuss this statement using appropriate examples to illustrate your argument.

Below I have stated the guidelines that I would like you to explain in this essay, I would like you to talk about all the points within the word count. Thanks.

I would expect the you to argue this point and to make it clear that the immune system is not always functioning to the benefit of the individual. I would expect examples from e.g. autoimmune diseases and hypersensitivity reactions which clearly detail situations where the immune system is acting to the detriment of the individual.

To give a balanced argument, I would also expect the you to give appropriate examples of where the immune system is functioning to the benefit of the individual. E.g. in the removal of bacterial and viral infectious material. They could even select an example of vaccination, where appropriate beneficial effects are brought about.

A good answer would include examples from both cell mediated and humoral immunity. These could be either as a range of examples or fewer examples discussed in more detail (including symptoms and effects on quality of life of the individual). An excellent answer would also make reference to the innate system.

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