The future is here: advergaming and reality TV

Case Assessment (1 only): Max length 4 pages.

i. This assessment pertains to case number 2 in the text (p.168) entitled: “The future is here: advergaming and reality TV” .
ii. Identify and discuss the link between the article and the relevant area of theory in global marketing communication (4 marks).
iii. Answer the questions at the end of the cases. Good marks require you to demonstrate that you understand what is happening in the case and that you can answer the questions (6 marks split equally between the questions).


Please note:

1- use 4 academic references ( you can use non academic references, but it not count as academic).
2- Be aware of plagarism
3- use intext referencing inside the page text not on the footers.
4- the language must not be 100%, because i am overseas studen.
5- I upload 2 copies of page 168.


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