The Exploration and Drilling Process

i need the report as simple level of English.

the report must include the following heading:

-Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 Aim
1.2 Background
1.3 Scope & Limitation
1.4 Terms of Reference
1.5 Source of Information
2. History
3. Exploration of Oil
3.1 Collection of Seismic Data
3.2 Convergence Geology
3.3 Drilling

4. Drilling
5. Oil Rig System
5.1 Power System
5.2 Hoisting System
5.3 Rotating System
5.4 Circulating System
6. Oil Drilling Process
6.1 Step One
6.2 Step Two
6.3 Step Three

7. Conclusion
8. List of References
9. Bibliography
10. Appendix

please use simple level of English.
please avoid the books, make the research and the references from the websites.
please avoid plagiarism and use your own words as much as you can.

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