The Efficacy and Safety of Using Omega-3fatty Acid to Reduce the Risk and Prevention of Breast Cancer)

The learning journal is an every week learning outcome from my literature review , , every week have few document to study and right an outcome of it, the outcome can be represented in a summary of the main points. Writing could be in form of paragraphs or points. This assignment (learning journal) should show that i read and comprehend the topic of every week while im doing my literature review Therefore, very brief useful information should be incorporated. I`m requesting a 200-400 words for every week, using literature review I`ll be providing, an extra online source or link might be needed for every week (better to use my references) references is requested unless it found to be useful and very related.. I have a template document which is a schedule to fill in all these learning outcome for every week in one column near, please use the example and see it to write the assignment.. please look at before you write up the .. This document will be submitted to turnitin.. it have to be free of pilgrims, therefore , copy paste materials and direct sentences is not acceptable. This is my literature review i want to do my learning journal from week 4 to week 11 (8 pages) each week will be one page in the table the learning journal it’s like the dairy or note of my activety while im doing the litruter ,in the attachment ther are:1:my literature review 2: my tamplet when I should write the learning journal 3:Example1 of learning journal 4: example 2 of learning journal plz do it so perfect .

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